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The Marvill Web Development Team is composed of professionals with skills and expertise honed by years of experience in web development. These individuals were pooled together to create a synergy that brings unlimited creative possibilities to deliver the most effective online advertisement. Marvill Web Development has been inspired by individuals to conceptualize, design and create developments as a team. Marvill’s production team has given growth and opportunity through a freedom of creative thought and an openness of expressing ideas.

The managerial and marketing development team, headed by Mark Lapasada as Marketing Supervisor and RJ Villanueva as Development and Manager aims to provide clients with a service and design that is uniquely Marvill.

Whether corporate or personal, Marvill Webdev is committed to excellence. We know that having a website for your business is a necessity. An effective website is what separates seasoned companies from one that has just entered the industry. Your website is your face – this is where your clients get their first impression. You want your prospective clients to be wowed by your presentation but you don’t want them to get bored waiting for your site to load. Clients will logon to your site to look at your corporate profile so you have to make sure that you cover the essentials in a few quick glances.

Let us help you with your image.

“J” – Chief of Production

Jay Justalero

He is considered as the brains behind the production team. His advanced skill in the technical aspects of web and software development, have him playing an integral role in the production team. He also made a huge contribution in forming the Vape Society Page here in the Philippines. But what sets him apart from the rest are his advanced skills in design and programming.

“Jhe” – Senior Web Developer

Angelo Cantada

Jhe is considered as the go-to guy. His unique ability to tear down and rebuild CSS make him uniquely good at building and reverse engineering. Jhe has also trained a number of successful interns from Marvill that have excelled in their own respective fields. Jhe is also equipped with Photography skills that have helped him develop an eye for design. He has an uncanny skill of knowing what pictures he will need to use for any site. His passion to excel is one of his best strengths.

“Za” – Senior CMS Expert

Zarrah Jane Palacay

Za is uniquely talented at customizing Content Management Sites without touching the CSS; her efficiency and reliability is top notch. Za is one of the boys. Hardworking and reliable without being a princess is how she got the respect of her peers. She is also fickle about symmetry and a minimalist designer. These elements are apparent in her work.

“Joed” – SEO Specialist

Jon Edward Cantada

He believes that their is no short cuts. In life proper dedication and consistency is the key to a successful rank building for each websites. He also believes that each website should be properly optimized to prevent bounce rate, “No matter how good it looks if the site is not optimized the loading time will ultimately determine if the reader/viewer turns away or reads thru it.”

“Renz” – PHP Programmer

Renz Guinto

Currently the two programmers are handling two of the big systems being develop under Marvill Web Development. Though the R and D for this kind of development is very expensive, RJ Villanueva backs up its development as he see’s great potential for young Filipino IT’s to learn from the programming team of Marvill Web Development.

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