Our History

Marvill is taken from Marlito and Marisa Villanueva by their son RJ as an homage to the people who raised him, and the values they upheld. As their eldest son, RJ Villanueva took pride as he founded Marvill Web Development on those same values in 2009.

Co-founding the business with him were Angelo Marco Cantada as senior designer and training & development head, and Jay Justalero as production head over development operations.

As a start-up, the goal was to create a team to cater to the growing needs within the corporate web, and software development world. As a team, however, the goal was operate as a close-knit family as opposed to a traditional business hierarchy setting.

This platform afforded Marvill to put their people first, so in turn they can put their clients first. Overall, it promotes a sense of purpose and avenue for mutual support which builds toward a strong business.

Another goal was to be able to foster growth within the company. At Marvill, senior developers and designers work closely with information technology students as part of their internship program.

The senior developers of Marvill benefit from the fresh minds and perspectives, while the students benefit from training and experience, whether they choose to stay within Marvill or not.

Promoting potential and personal improvement ties in further with the family values woven into the business ethics in Marvill. These are the same business ethics that have turned them from a small start-up in 2009 to where they stand today.

Based in the Philippines, Marvill is now a leading web development firm with clients and affiliates extending the country’s borders, as information technology does.

These successes have opened doors for everyone at Marvill, and while it remains the flagship, RJ Villanueva builds off its momentum as he builds his brand and network of services with Marvill Web Development at its center.

Marvill is a business of web development, digital media, and information technologies, supported by very human minds and values. It is a modern family business where not everyone may be related, but are family nonetheless.