After July 5, Google will not include sites in its index if they are not functional on mobile devices

Google's mobile-first indexing, initiated in 2016, was believed to have concluded last October. However, its full implementation is now anticipated to extend beyond July 5.

In a recent post on the Google blog, John Mueller clarified that the remaining sites still being crawled with desktop Googlebot will transition to mobile Googlebot after July 5, 2024. While the majority of the web is already being crawled in this manner, there will be a shift to exclusively using Googlebot Smartphone for crawling and indexing these sites.

Mueller emphasized that sites must be accessible via mobile devices to be indexed by Google. If a site's content is not accessible on mobile, it will no longer be indexable.

This development underscores Google's commitment to mobile-friendliness. Sites that do not render properly on mobile devices will not be indexed. However, having a desktop template alone is acceptable as long as it functions on mobile devices.


Google will continue to use Googlebot Desktop for specific purposes such as product listings and Google for Jobs, which may still appear in server logs and reporting tools.

For SEO practitioners, ensuring mobile accessibility for client sites is crucial. Failure to load on mobile devices could result in non-indexing by Google post-July 5. Testing site accessibility using the Google Search Console URL Inspection tool is recommended.

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