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ATGallenero Consultants

Profile raising and online reputation for  industry professionals, law firms  and business-to-business firms.

ATGallenero Consultants

We're a team of real professional services marketers.


Working with us means our clients have more time for billable work. As marketers, PR strategists, creatives and events specialists focusing on B2B and professional services, we spend less in settling in and more time on best practices and in getting the work done.

We have more than a decade experience at international law firms. We also have worked on numerous consultancy projects in the professional services industry during the pandemic. Since then, we have thrived working in a virtual setup, supporting projects from legal marketing, PR, business development to online events for specialist clients in the Philippines and abroad. 

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For a lawyer to get invited to a non-pay-to-play speaking engagement, it takes more than online presence. For a specialist firm to secure an exclusive slot to bid for a pioneering project, it necessitates much more than trends and sentiments tracking. For a B2B business to host a webinar series for its niche clientele, logistics preparation and online reach can only go so far.

Having worked at and supported industry experts, specialist firms and law firms - both international and domestic - operating in the Philippines, Singapore and the rest of Asia, we understand the intricacies of finding, doing and growing business for professional services firms in the context of online media and beyond. Through cross-expertise in professional services marketing, PR and online events management, we help build and sustain credibility and  reputation for specialist players in niche sectors and industries.


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Lead Consultant

Anne Therese Gallenero

Owner / Lead Consultant


Business Development & Marketing / Event Managements / Journalism

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