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  • What is K-pop?
    K-pop or Korean Pop is the internationally popular, aesthetic-driven, style-bending, trendsetting, music genre of the 21st century. Originating in South Korea, K-pop draws influence from a range of genres like pop, experimental, rock, hip-hop, R&B, electronic, and dance.
  • First generation K-Pop
    Once the K-pop stardom recipe was discovered the first generation of Kpop stars ushered in. H.O.T is considered to be the first true K-pop idol group because the group was highly manufactured and made up of trained pop stars.
  • Kpop became a global phenomenon
    They call it Hallyu, the Korean wave. K-pop has become a truly global phenomenon through its distinctive blend of addictive melodies, slick choreography and production values, and an endless parade of attractive South Korean performers who spend years in grueling studio systems learning to sing and dance in synchronized perfection.


Taeyang and Jimin’s collaboration
After Six Years, Taeyang Starts a New Chapter with Smash Song “Vibe,” Featuring Jimin of BTS
“Vibe” marks the first collaboration between the two K-pop stars. What makes this track even more special to BTS ARMY is that it is Jimin’s first solo collaboration after the band members started their army enlistment and announced to focus on pursuing their solo endeavors before returning together in 2025.
The song revolves around the unusual emotions one feels while they are enjoying the ‘vibe’ of a relationship. A few lyrics of the song read: “I can feel it, it’s a vibe, this gon’ be the one and only anthem, can feel my sixth sense, it’s a stimulation, holding hands causing an electrocution, before you my world was in disconnection."

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