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Bleach Brave Souls – Inheritance Trials

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Bleach Brave Souls – Inheritance Trials is out already in this quest you get the Super Link Slot Potion used to Power Up your Link Slot to Level 20.

You can download this Gatcha game from Google Play Store or IOS App Store also available on Steam

What you need to know:

  1. Unlike the Normal Inheritance which has an unlimited availability per day, the Inheritance Trials for Super Link Slot Potion is only limited.
  2. In Inheritance Trials, you won’t be able to use 5 Soul Tickets in one run.
  3. Grinding it will be a challenge also since it would look like a daily commitment to do this.
  4. In the scarcity of the Super Link Potion, it is advisable that you use these potions to your Max Transendant characters first.
  5. The stage is quite difficult you will not be able to use all your Max level characters before to Auto this Stage except for some.
  6. You can add two soul traits of your choice when reaching levels 15 and 20.

Schedule for Global Server – Inheritance Trials

Inheritance Schedule

Take Note that schedule may vary base on your location. Philippines start 11PM

In the initial release of this update, some players were able to grind it with no limits due to a bug. Here is a video courtesy of Spiteful showcasing Daddy Ichigo with his 1st added soul trait.

Insane damage was showcased in this video. 


In this other Video Byakuya Aniversary Edition shows his ability to clear out a Stage in Auto Mode courtesy of RJVillanueva.

Rewards in Each Stage Cleared.

Rewards in Inheritance Trial

Byakuya Auto in Inheritance Trials


Upgrading Link Slots

Upgrade Potion from Inheritance Trial

Upgrade Potion from Inheritance Trial Level 11


Super Link Slot Details

Bonus Ability Link Slots

Bonus Ability Link Slots to Level 20


Bleach Brave Souls – Inheritance Trials, Thank you for reading thru our Blogs if you like this kind of Contents Leave us a Comment and we will Keep you updated in the simplest way possible so you can do more Grinding in Bleach.

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