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Customization App- HexShaders App

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Customization App – HexShaders App on PlayStore 

Today I came across an app that looks great on my android home screen, I think this is ideal for those persons who want something fancy yet minimalist in someway.HexShader is a wallpaper app that gives your home screen a little spice yet still not over the edge cluttered screen.

Some of the Key Features:

Animated live wallpaper shows hexagonal pixels with a shader program.
The application contains over 15 various shader program.
You can choose a program and set up detail level and animation speed.

Legend for the performance analyzer:
* perf – performance status (ok | good | bad | drop)
* fps – frames per second
* pps – points (hexes) per second
* tpc – total points count in frame


My personal pick for the present is the snow wallpaper here is a sample of how it looks on my screen. The animations in this app are sick and it does prevent battery drain while you are using your screen.


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