Foodpanda Scam


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Foodpanda scam became more rampant since the COVID-19 hit the Philippines. Some people are now desperate enough to trick others just to survive this pandemic crisis. The number of poor victims is continuously soaring high!


Marvill’s Kitchen also experienced this kind of fraud. We almost became one of the victims if we didn’t realize the swindle immediately. We cannot deny the fact that these scammers know how to convince people with their bad deeds. It seems that they already have a lot of victims on their list.


Primarily, we are a technology-based company. Marvill Web Development Services is our main business. Our CEO, Ryan John Villanueva, wants to share his experience to become a WARNING TO ALL FOODPANDA MERCHANTS. 




Somebody who claimed to be a technical employee at Foodpanda called on the Viber Account of Marvill’s Kitchen. The culprit informed us that our remittance cannot be transferred to an associate bank account since there is a system issue. He insisted that they need to connect the owner’s PERSONAL Gcash account to receive the Foodpanda earnings. 


Beware of Phishing

If this number calls you, do not be fooled!


GOOD THING WE AVOIDED THIS SCENARIO. Because once the target gives all the information needed, they will send an OTP (One Time Password) on Gcash and Foodpanda. Then, you will notice that they are trying to fool you to reset your MPIN (Mobile Pin) by asking for 4-digit numbers to be your new password. That’s when Marvill, a tech company, detected the anomalies. 


We also attached to this article the PHONE NUMBER OF THE SCAMMER and the profile lock of his account. TO ALL FOODPANDA VENDORS, PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS SITUATION. Every partner has an account manager. The scammer will intentionally call on weekends, so Foodpanda managers cannot answer your inquiries.


Foodpanda Scam

Marvill’s Kitchen (Former Name: PNB or Ang Paborito Ni Boss)


We, from MARVILL TEAM, are asking that all Foodpanda partners should share this to prevent people from being scammed in the future. We already addressed this concern to Foodpanda management to prohibit things like this from happening again. BE INFORMED! DON’T LET YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY GO TO THE WRONG HANDS!



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