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GO & CERENO LAW OFFICES (GO CERENO) was formally organized in February 2013 to primarily engage in the practice of Commercial Law, more specifically, the specialized fields of Labor Relations, Taxation and Corporate Law, bringing to the Firm the Founding Partners’ respective experiences in both law and accounting firm services and in dealing with the myriad of issues that come along with setting up businesses and ensuring their compliance to all facets of its legal existence. In just three years after, GO CERENO has proved its capability and capacity to counsel clients and service the high demands that the practice of Commercial Law requires, constantly adapting to the ever-changing legal landscape of the commercial milieu, and has since evolved into a FULL-SERVICE LAW FIRM.

GO CERENO has provided counsel and assistance in matters of incorporation, off-shore registration, corporate reorganizations, investments, regulatory compliance, labor and employment law compliance and litigation, employment documentation, as well as their immigration requirements, tax planning and litigation, asset disposition and tax incentives, government procurement, and intellectual property. The Firm has, likewise, actively represented and assisted clients in the fields of civil law, family law and family relations, real estate and property, citizenship, and a host of criminal and administrative disputes and cases. It has, hence, handled both commercial, as well as non-commercial, matters arising from a broad range of legal concerns and disputes.