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I-fern focuses on just one mission for all its stakeholders: Sharing Prosperity Globally Through Entrepreneurship.

I-Fern Corporation


In 2012, FERN opened its door to the competitive Global Market through the launch of i-fern.

I-Fern engages in direct selling and  marketing. Continuing the legacy of its mother company, i-fern believes in a very simple concept: spreading good health while giving lucrative business opportunities to its members.

The company uses the latest technology to ensure ease and convenience for its members who engage in the global business.
Aside from an attractive marketing plan, I-fern boasts of having four world-class quality products: FERN-ACTIV, FERN-D, MilkCa and Silverfresh.

The combination of premium products and a dynamic and generous compensation plan, serve as vehicles that empower the vision until prosperity is reached by all.


  • FERN-D is a brand name for the generic "cholecalciferol" or better known as Vitamin D3.
  • Study shows that people who have high levels of vitamin D has a lower risk on having diseases like cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis, bone fractures, muscle weakness, and many more.
  • Many of us are not aware that almost all diseases that caused death are mostly linked to Vitamin D Deficiency. If you dont get direct sunlight everyday, then you might be at risk of this deficiency.
  • Save yourself and your love ones from suffering in the future! Take FERN-D everyday to make sure you get the vitamin D you need everyday! Even without the sun!
  • FERN-ACTIV is packed with B-Vitamins needed for the energy surge ideal for peak performance. It also contains non-acidic vitamin C for improved immunity, Zinc for added energy, vitamin D for stronger muscles and Calcium for healthy bones!
  • B-VITAMINS are essential for your body to function properly and they may be the crucial link between your bodys requirements and peak performance.
  • These vitamins convert proteins and carbohydrates into energy. They are also used for cell repair and production. Deficiency in B- Vitamins may lead to poor recovery and may be detrimental to your active lifestyle.
  • Sources of B- Vitamins include green, leafy vegetables, nuts and dairy products. But because of budget constraints, or a hectic lifestyle most of us suffer from poor or restricted diets.
  • MilkCa is a bone health that derives its calcium and other minerals from milk. Because its made from milk, MilkCa is more readily and easily absorbed by the body.
  • Ensure that your bones remain strong by taking calcium daily! Our bones store calcium and daily supplementation can help prevent bone deterioration in the future!
  • According to scientific studies, 99% of our bodys calcium goes to bones and teeth where it supports function and structure.
  • Calcium is also needed to regulate blood pressure, maintain nerve functions and keep our muscles healthy!

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I-Fern Corporation 

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