La Union as the Surfing Capital of the North


Why La Union is held as the surfing capital of the north?

La Union benefits from swells that are consistently produced by regional and global weather systems. All year long, surfers find it to be the perfect destination because of the steady wave action. La Union is a popular weekend destination for both locals and tourists hoping to catch some waves because it's reasonably easy to get to from neighboring major cities like Manila. Over time, a thriving surfing community has developed in La Union, with both locals and expats contributing to its laid-back atmosphere and surf culture.

Why is La Union good for surfing?

La Union has waves for everyone, from beginners to pros, thanks to its varied surf breaks. With a long surfing season and warm waters, it's perfect for surfers of all levels. Its friendly surfing community, made up of locals and foreigners, adds to the welcoming vibe. Plus, the stunning beaches and coastal scenery make every surf session unforgettable.


image source: klook


La Union hosting a national surfing competition

From January 20 to 26, La Union organized a seven-day Surf Festival featuring surfing events, trade shows, award ceremonies, and a closing program in San Juan, La Union. This event served as the host for the World Surfing League La Union International Pro Qualifying Series 2023. Seven countries participated in the event: France, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Sweden, Taiwan, and Thailand. A total of 131 participants competed in various surfing competitions, including Men's Longboard 1000, Women's Longboard 1000, Men's Shortboard 3000, and Women's Shortboard 3000.

image source: The Inner Sanctum

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