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Marvill Digital Presence handles clients who want to market their brand or product through the use of digital or social media channels. MDP uses the three biggest and most effective social media platforms which are Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram. For now, MDP is currently using the three platforms to engage the clients’ brand identity. MDP has 4 core members; Chuck Bagus, the head of the team, Jerwin Daliva, the team's senior marketing executive, and the two junior marketing executives, Jin and Jashmin.
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Marvill Digital Presence is a digital marketing agency under Marvill Web Development founded by RJ Villanueva. MDP is offering the following services:

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● Copywriting
● Captions for social media posts-15 posts (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube)

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● Social media audit
● Social media consultation and strategy
       ○ Facebook
○ Tiktok
       ○ Instagram
    ○ Youtube

● Business profile optimization
● Content calendar
● Brand alignment and quality assurance
● 15 scheduled posts for the whole month
● End-of-month social media report and evaluation

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● Ad budget optimization
● Ad targeting
● Social media ad consultation and strategy


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A couple of our active clients are Clara Bella and Razon’s by Glenn.

Clara Bella started off with a singular dream in mind – effective and affordable skincare that is Made to Match all skin types of Filipinas. They made sure to keep every Filipina in their hearts and minds throughout the development of their products. As a result, Clara Bella is fit for all Filipina skin types. Whether you have oily, dry, or normal skin, our products will work for you. This is the Clara Bella promise – clear and beautiful skin for every Filipina. For more informations, kindly visit

Razon’s by Glenn Razon’s Halo-Halo & Pancit Palabok (Lug-lug) started in 1972 in a small town of Guagua in Pampanga. It was from the ideas of three spinster sisters named Severina, Elena & Virginia. Originally the Halo-Halo & Luglug was only for the consumption of the large Razon Family. But the delicate, creamy, delicious taste of Razon’s Halo-halo spread in the town of Guagua and became a destination snack area in the province. The Halo-Halo consist only of 3 main ingredients namely Macapuno, Saging and Leche Flan. Critics says that the simple concoction is the secret recipe for the taste and success of Razon’s Halo-halo. And now it is helm as the BEST Halo-Halo in the country. Visit their website at


● Improving brand awareness
● Developing engaged communities
● Selling products and service
● Measuring how people feel about your product

● Providing customer service on social media platforms
● Advertising products and services to target audiences
● Tracking performance and adjusting the strategy accordingly


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“Advertise, Analyze, Optimize! We do it all for you!”