BNI International Networking Week

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February 6th to the 12th 2022 is BNI’s 15th Annual International Networking Week.
This year is all about introducing visitors to power of networking and the benefits of BNI.

The Week starts with a BNI Better Together YouTube Live Event will stream on February 7th, 2022. Members and Visitors will be provided a lifelong learning opportunity to hear Dr. Ivan Misner and Graham Weihmiller discuss their secrets of networking and developing a successful business.

Conscientious Essence Spray by Conscientious Skincare

CONSCIENTIOUS Skincare by Riway International

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Smooth and flawless skin are the hallmarks of confidence, but our environment and diet can cause our skin to age faster and become drier.

NBA: LA Laker’s First Victory and Melo’s Milestone

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LOS ANGELES — Carmelo Anthony got the game ball after the Los Angeles Lakers’ first victory of the season. Anthony had just scored a team-high 28 points, moving into ninth place on the NBA’s career scoring list, and was asked to make a speech. He said he was too tired. Anthony Davis added 22 points and four blocks, and LeBron …

Samsung UI 4.0

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The Samsung One UI 4.0 is coming for the Galaxy S21 devices first, before rolling out to other versions of the device from the South Korean manufacturer. However, some say that it has the looks of the famous Apple iOS, especially on some of its features. It was said that the release date of the One UI 4.0 would be …

Foodpanda Scam


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Foodpanda scam became more rampant since the COVID-19 hit the Philippines. Some people are now desperate enough to trick others just to survive this pandemic crisis. The number of poor victims is continuously soaring high!   Marvill’s Kitchen also experienced this kind of fraud. We almost became one of the victims if we didn’t realize the swindle immediately. We cannot …

The Rise of Virtual Reality


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The Rise of Virtual Reality: Future of the Real World Technological advancement has come to ages. At this moment in time, we are in the era of virtual reality when you can experience ANYTHING WITHOUT LIMITS! One day, all our imaginations will turn into reality. A lot of people have heard about virtual reality, but do not exactly know what …