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Paborito ni Boss – Marvill’s Kitchen

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Paborito ni Boss – Marvill’s Kitchen

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Web Developers love Good Food

Paborito ni Boss Makati Branch has been acquired by Marvill Web Development which aims to establish its Kitchen for Marvill Web Developers. Marvill’s Kitchen aims to enhance its own facilities by adding a kitchen that aims to provide food for its developers. Since all of the menus of Paborito ni Boss has been a big hit for the employees of Marvill.

However, since Marvill has admired the performance of Paborito ni Boss since the ECQ it aims to continue to grow the business as well. Especially with the new line of food that was lined up for 2021 by Paborito ni Boss, Marvill believes that the Chicken Salpicao, Chicken and Herbs, and Gambas Chicken will really be the highlight of this new addition to 2021’s menu.





MK's Chicken Gambas

Spanish cuisine with a twist of Filipino flavors.

Chicken and Herbs MK

Chicken and those herbs

Chicken Salpicao MK

MK’s Chicken Salpicao

Please take note that the Chicken Salpicao, Chicken Gambas, and Chicken and Herbs are all only available for pick up ordered thru our FB Page and is only available for limited stocks per day. SO MAKE EARLY RESERVATIONS SO YOU WONT MISS OUT!

What to look forward to in 2021?

As per Marvill management team the acquisition of Paborito ni Boss will not hinder PNB Wings Fans to enjoy its flavored premium chicken wings and tenders, pork chop, paburito ni maam and sisig will still be available in fooodpanda and fb orders. 

You can still order thru Foodpanda here!

You can also inquire in our FB Page and place your order here.

Follow us on our Instagram @marvillskitchen 

Paborito ni Boss Marvill’s Kitchen







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