Samsung Tab S4 Gets Android One Update:

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Samsung Tab S4:

Tech Specs:

Processor: Snapdragon 835


Storage: 64GB/256GB

Camera: 13MP f/1.9

Battery: 7300mAh

S-Pen: Yes

Dex Mode: Yes

The Samsung Tab S4 is considered to be one of the best android tablets out there in the market in 2019. It rivals the latest Apple iPad in terms of pen ability however where Samsung provides a slight edge is the Desktop experience known as the DeX mode. Though still in the early stage of its development it seems that DeX Mode is the closest solution for that mobility on the go with the use of the android apps available out there. I do admit it’s still not a laptop or desktop replacement but for those top-level executives who want their things on the go, this is the best solution out there.

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