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Stars of A Shout Out for a cause:

Celebrity Shoutout in the Philippines became a new trend in the Philippines since the Pandemic. Things have changed, a few years back having parties celebrated in a huge crowd was a thing, and having some special celebrities was kind of a thing before the Pandemic. These custom honors celebrants when someone popular goes to their party or gatherings. Then the Pandemic came and the most popular thing you get by partying is Covid19, so Social Distancing was the new thing.

However, A Shout Out bridges that gap the platforms provide direct access to your favorite stars and provides a way for you to request greetings for someone you love or care for. Here are some screenshots of the platform.


On the platform by directly making a request from your favorite stars (celebrity shoutout in the Philippines), you can request a personalized video greeting for someone or even for you. The platform promotes a positive vibe to put a smile on someone’s face even for just a minute.

Here are some featured stars from A Shout Out.

Some featured celebrities; Meg Imperial, Tom Car, JC Santos, Kristine Bernal, Lance Busan, and a lot more. So start checking it out and be a part of the community. Share a Smile for someone you LOVE now!

A-shoutout is not just committed to putting those smiles on each request you make the stars as well as the platforms a lot a certain amount for numerous charity or organization which aims to help them in the most trying time.

So visit the site A Shout Out to see how you can put a smile on yourself or for your loved one and help others in the process.

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