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Top 10 Web Business Trends in 2021 that are powering in the Philippines – You’ve decided to establish a business, but you’re having trouble explaining your concept? It’s critical to start with a fantastic company idea if you want to become an entrepreneur. All you need is some research combined with creativity!

It will start with a concept that can develop over time. If you’re thinking about beginning a business in 2021, you’ll need to consider the new normal setup of economic activities. 

The COVID-19 crisis has altered people’s attitudes toward products and services. While launching a retail shop or a restaurant may have seemed like a smart idea in the past, you might want to reconsider your plans until you see how the coming year unfolds. Consider enterprises that can support how people are currently spending their lives instead of more traditional firms.



You’ll need a solid business plan no matter what type of business you start, but many of the ideas on this list merely need a crucial process to get started. This collection of online business ideas comprise excellent business models that will help you succeed in 2021 and beyond.

If you decide to follow a certain field, make sure to go over the steps for starting a business. Consider any of these amazing business ideas if you’re ready to start your own. There appears to be no shortage of good web business concepts. The truth is the internet has made starting a business quite simple. You can contact anyone in any part of the world with simply a website.

You’d be making your own money in no time if you targeted the appropriate folks with the correct offer. Cost savings, increased flexibility, and fewer paper waste are all advantages of having an internet business. So, if you’ve been thinking about establishing your own business, here’s a list of the top 10 web business trends in the Philippines.


Top 10 Web Business

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  1. Ecommerce: selling goods online

  • Investment capital: cost of supplies, cost of website
  • Necessary resources: trade tools
  • Skill set: expertise in whatever you’re making

First, let’s start with one of the more obvious online business ideas: selling your own products, art, food and crafts. If you have created a genius new product or you’re a painter, fashion or jewellery designer, woodworker or even chef, you can easily sell what you make online. The hard part is knowing how to make something; after that, all you need is time, a website and an understanding of how to ship your products. A professional-looking website can be the key to success for new ecommerce businesses, so make sure your website and all your customer-facing profiles look top notch.

Because they’re your own goods, you can modify them to fit whatever niche is available. For example, a lot of people sell homemade jewellery, but very few sell homemade banana lockets with a tiny monkey inside. If you understand your niche, you’ll be able to offer the products they want but can’t find elsewhere.

Tips for breaking in – To start, you might want to begin selling on a site like Etsy, a marketplace for homemade goods. Once you have a stable following of loyal customers, you can open your own website for more control and to create a consistent brand for your business.

When you’re ready to scale up your operation, keep an eye on how much you pay for supplies and raw ingredients—when you’re using a lot, see if you can get a price break by buying in bulk.


Top 10 Web Business

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  1. Writer & blogger

  • Investment capital: none
  • Necessary resources: none
  • Skill set: writing and editorial skills, search engine optimization (SEO)

Content writers create the blog articles, books and ebooks and website copy that we all read on a daily basis. This job is the spiritual successor to print journalism of the past, and as such relies on the same skill set. Bloggers create this content for their own website in order to grow traffic and eventually monetize their blog through things like affiliate links, sponsored or gated content and consultations.

The main requirement to becoming a professional writer is writing ability. If you can write something that people enjoy reading, that’s enough to get your foot in the door. However, to maximize your success, you’ll also want to learn techniques for SEO, or how to get articles or websites to appear high up in search engine results like Google.

As always, it helps to focus on specific niches. You can specialize in certain topics (i.e. advice, industry news, DIY how-tos) or certain writing styles (i.e. humorous essays, dry legal copy).

Tips for breaking in – Building a successful blog take a really long time, so keep that in mind if you want to build a blogging-based business.

As a freelance writer, you’ll need a portfolio before you start apply. Write up some samples specifically for the niche you want or do some pro bono work so you have a business reference.

If you’re planning to write online content, study up on how search algorithms work so you can improve your SEO.


Top 10 Web Business

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  1. Dropshipping ecommerce

  • Investment capital: website or shopping platform
  • Necessary resources: none
  • Skill set: sales and marketing

Compared to traditional retail, dropshipping ecommerce is far simpler. In dropshipping, the supplier handles all the storage and shipping of goods—the seller only focuses on making a sale, and then forwards the sales order to the supplier for fulfillment. The downside, though, is that the supplier takes home the bulk of the profit, leaving the seller to get by on what’s essentially a commission.

If you love the selling and marketing aspects of ecommerce but hate the shipping logistics, dropshipping is a perfect fit. The dropshipping seller focuses on sales strategy, promotions, outreach, advertising, customer service and branding—the customer-facing side of retail only. However, because you’re sharing your profits, you have to sell twice as much to make a comfortable living.

Tips for breaking in – We explain with more detail how to get started in our guide to dropshipping. If you want some quick tips, first find a supplier in your niche, then look at your competitor’s prices and finally crunch the numbers to see how much you’d have to charge and what your profit would be.


Top 10 Web Business

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  1. Podcasting

  • Investment capital: media host, marketing funds
  • Necessary resources: professional-grade microphone, recording and editing software
  • Skill set: speaking skills

If content writing is the spiritual successor to print journalism, then podcasting is the modern equivalent to talk radio. It’s the career of choice for people who not only like to talk, but also are good at it.

To succeed in podcasting, you must create something worth listening to, which requires excellent speaking skills. Good podcasts are entertaining, emotional and informative, so figure out a niche where you can achieve all three.

Tips for breaking in – If you can, leverage your following from other online outlets like social media or YouTube. If you have friends in podcasting, guest star in each other’s shows to reach new audiences. It may take awhile to develop a large enough following to monetize, so be patient.


Top 10 Web Business

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  1. Affiliate marketing

  • Investment capital: none
  • Necessary resources: a successful online channel
  • Skill set: marketing and advertising

If you own a successful channel online, like a popular blog or YouTube channel, you can “rent” your traffic to other businesses, a subtle form of advertising known as affiliate marketing. Though it comes in many forms, affiliate marketing today is most common in sponsored content.

For example, if you manage a blog, other companies would pay you to post articles they wrote about themselves, or even just posting a link to their site with a favorable mention. Sponsored content is one of the more subtle approaches to advertising online, but creates more natural ads that are less likely to be ignored.

Tips for breaking in – To succeed in affiliate marketing, you need a preexisting source of internet traffic. The more traffic you can generate, the more you can charge. If you know whom you’re affiliating with, you can tailor the specifics of your site to optimize traffic for their particular audience.


Top 10 Web Business

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  1. Retail arbitrage ecommerce

  • Investment capital: depends on your product range
  • Necessary resources: website
  • Skill set: shopping skills, bargain hunting

Retail arbitrage is when you buy products at a discount and then resell them at a higher mark-up. It may sound illegal, but it’s perfectly fine as long as you follow the rules.

For example, let’s say your local Walgreens is having a clearance on Halloween masks in November. You can buy the whole stock, put them in storage for about a year, and then sell them next autumn at full price to turn a profit.

In practice, retail arbitrage involves lots of legwork, specifically going around to store after store looking for deals. You also don’t have much control over what products you offer, which can make it hard to target specific niches. However, for people with a natural talent for shopping, it’s a good way to put those skills to use.

Tips for breaking in The key to retail arbitrage is having a wide reach: you need to know when there’s sales from multiple stores so that you always have a source of products. Pick and choose the right sources and become familiar with their “special discount” MO—how often they run sales and which items are usually discounted.


Freelance Designer

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  1. Freelance designer

  • Investment capital: none
  • Necessary resources: design software
  • Skill set: graphic design

Last but not least, freelance designers can work almost exclusively online. Most SMBs don’t have the budget for an in-house designer, so they look to freelancers to handle their one-off projects, like a logo or website design. Because the work is done remotely anyway, it’s no hassle to manage a freelance design career online.

Getting started as a freelance designer is the hard part. To begin, you need an impressive portfolio of samples to show prospective clients, so they can gauge your talent, professionalism and artistic style. Then, you need to find employers, but if you’re just starting out it might be hard to launch your career just by answering job ads.

That’s where platforms, like 99designs, can help. These platforms have a built-in audience, so it’s a great way to build a client base before setting out on your own.

Tips for breaking in – Like the other online business ideas for freelancing, you’ll need a portfolio before you start. Again, try pro bono work to get some early experience. When you’re ready to start applying, you can build your own portfolio or join a platform, which already gets plenty of traffic and will send some your way.



Web Development

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  1. Build apps and websites

If you’re tech savvy, acquire some coding skills and start building. Whether it’s mobile apps, Shopify apps, or websites, you can create digital products for purchase or as a service provider. 

For example, you can also have one by visiting Marvill Web Development Services. They are offering quality and budget-friendly websites that you can start your business with. The company also helps their clients boost the visits of their pages. Websites are the best platform for economic activities in the new normal setup of society and will continue to be. 

Why build apps and websites? 

Technology isn’t going anywhere, and the demand for the technical skills necessary to build apps and websites will only continue to grow. 

There’s an endless number of platforms and systems out there. If you get bored of one, learn and transition to another.



Online Coaching

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  1. Online Courses and Coaching

It has become easier to share your knowledge or expertise via online course platforms. If you are a subject matter expert or passionate about something, then you can convert it into a substantial income.

Offer online coaching classes to students, build a community to help while building your online coaching business. You can set up a Facebook page or even a podcast where you can reach out to people looking for online coaching classes. All of these coaching and training-based business models can be done at a low cost and at home.

There are also several online platforms, including Thinkific and Teachable, to help you get started quickly. You can register on these platforms and start coaching right away.


Social Media Manager

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  1. Social Media Manager

Billions of people are on social media – it’s natural that there are jobs and businesses to be sprung from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you have experience with social media marketing and know-how the ad network operates, you can start a consulting business on social media.

Everyone from small businesses to large corporations need help getting their message out there on social media.

There are a ton of different responsibilities and services a social media manager can provide:

  • Create content for brands.
  • Create custom ad campaigns and track ROI.
  • Integrate content with other email marketing and PPC strategies.
  • Analyze results, A/B test, and tweak campaigns.
  • You have to stay ahead of trends in this constantly-changing landscape too. For example, TikTok is currently a huge opportunity for major brands, and many don’t even have an account or post regularly.
  • LinkedIn is also a growing platform for digital marketing to businesses and connecting with new clients.
  • If you’re looking for a job to gain social media experience, Flexjobs, CareerBuilder, and Fiverr offer a lot of opportunities related to social media management.
  • Once you have the necessary skill set, you can start your own consulting business and charge either a performance fee or a monthly retainer for your work.




(Top 10 Web Business Trends in 2021, 17th of September 2021)



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