Toyota Hiace 2019

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Welcome the beloved Toyota Hiace into the modern world with improvements to all the classic features, and a facelift to top it all off. It’s been fifteen years since the Hiace had a new model in the market. Now, with three new variants, the Commuter Deluxe, GL Grandia, and GL Grandia Tourer offer much more size, safety, and efficiency over their 2004 predecessors.

Opting for simplicity, all three 2019 Hiace variants offer the same features at their core, with only key features and tunings that set each apart in terms of range and purpose. This means that you don’t get a different vehicle depending on which you choose, but rather the same vehicle, tweaked towards what you are most likely to use it for. There is an equality that sets a lot of buyers at ease, as well as a confidence in the van’s utility.

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