‘KAINE’, which means ‘new’ in Greek, is a 100% vegan brand
that selects natural vegan ingredients that have proven stability and are effective for the skin with the perfect formulation.

KAINE aims for conscious and coexistent life as well
as healthy skincare by adding new values ​​to our lifestyle.


Clean & Reliable

Safe and effective formulation that has been tested
for a primary skin irritation.
Over 90% EWG GREEN rating


True Vegan & Coexistence

KAINE refuses to use any animal ingredients and test on animals in the entire process from product development, production, and distribution.

The products have been certified as vegan cosmetics through EVE VEGAN (a French certification body).

For the coexistence with animals,
KAINE also donates a portion of the profits to animal rights organizations that work for abandoned animal rescue and animal welfare support.


Sensible Sustainability

KAINE develops the packaging with a lot of thought so that the Earth can be healthier and more sustainable.

As one of the ways, KAINE only uses PCR packaging that is manufactured from used and recycled plastics and glasses that are reprocessed.

Also, KAINE adopts a sensible packaging design for reuse after finishing the products.


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