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Marvill Web Development

Marvill Web Development is in the business of crafting websites. We place a high standard and commit ourselves to quality, and as such our clients will expect highly of us in return.

To meet those standards and deliver a website catered to the clients liking, we have set up a simple system to ensure that we leave no detail to chance. From start to finish, what the client wants must be understood and presented sufficiently.

The most important thing for any project to be completed is to begin; and every website begins with a concept. This is the mark on which everything else will extend from.

A proper website has to tell a short story, and deliver the message that the client wishes to convey. The first step is understanding this story from our clients.

It is crucial that we work closely as a team with our clients to ensure no detail is lost. A good website is a marriage of the client’s vision and direction, and our fresh perspective and experience in the field of information technologies in the Philippines.

Design determines the first impression people get when viewing a website, and this first impression affects how they view or react to the website, or even the business as a whole. This is where the art and function of your website meet.

We take into considerations the type of business the client has, their target market, as well as the leading trends in the web development scene, and a few of our own touches for flair. We spare no expense with the latest tools available; from vectors and photo enhancements to wireframing and video editing just to name a few.

Although form is secondary to function, still we put in the necessary touches to ensure that every visitor experience is optimal. Just as with our concepts, Marvill is keen to have our designers communicate thoroughly with our clients through every step to stay on track with their direction.

At this stage we apply the function to the website as a whole. This is the most difficult and time consuming stage, but can be made easier with the prior stages done thoroughly.

While the facade has to be inviting, the website’s functions must be user-friendly in order for them to take in the most of the content. The ideal is that the functions be fluid and intuitive enough that visitors do not even notice it.

This stage is polished primarily by trial and error of the website’s operations as well as regular counter-checking with the client to assure that they remain satisfied with every change made.

With everything step completed and executed, regular maintenance and curation of the website both prior and post-launch will be necessary to keep up with the standards of both Marvill and their clientele.