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About PeraPal

The main focus of PeraPal is to build the most advanced payment rails for the Philippines! With a clear goal in mind — to make payments in Philippines simple, secure and easy for everyone. We currently serve local SMEs & also enterprises such as GDFI. We have just launched this 2022 but are already serving over 15 merchants in different industries. Our tech partner, Xendit is trusted and backed by some of the largest VCs in the world, who invested in Facebook, Slack, Twitch and Grab.

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Web Development

Web Development that we use wordpress, Icons and they have multiple elements of shape. like Line, Circle, Shadows and etc.


Web Design

Perapal's homepage consists of a navigation bar that contains three drop-down buttons and three single buttons. In its content you will see two buttons; it is the create account and the book demo.


Web Hosting

The online service of web hosting makes the content of your website available to internet users. When you buy a hosting package, you are renting space on a real server to keep all the files and information for the website.

Web hosts offer the resources and hosting technologies needed for your website to run efficiently and securely. They are in charge of maintaining the server's functionality, putting security measures in place, and making sure that information like texts, pictures, and other files are correctly delivered to the visitors' browsers.


API Integration

An application programming interface (API) is a messenger that handles requests and guarantees the smooth operation of corporate systems. APIs facilitate interaction between data, applications, and devices. It transmits data and connects devices and applications.



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