Sourced Out Solutions Plus

Sourced Out Solutions Plus, Inc. (SOS Plus) is an outsource services provider committed to making business processes easier for clients looking to increase productivity and manage their businesses. Founded in 2020 and in the middle of a pandemic, SOS Plus is dedicated not only to service its clientele but to help uplift the lives of its employees as well as the industry and the local economy.


Back Office Functions
Invoice Factoring Support
Underwriting Process
Accounts and Finance Services
HR Services and Infrastructure Management
Business Development

From specialized solutions to supplementary services, SOS Plus offerings focus on delivering quality capabilities and higher return on investment at much lower costs. We give value to and take pride in our talented roster of people that promises our clients’ businesses better processes, productivity and performances.
Situated in the heart of the metro, their headquarters are strategically placed for accessibility and high-speed connectivity, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimal downtime. The leadership team, boasting nearly 20 years of collective experience and expertise in Training, Human Resources, and BPO, meticulously orchestrates seamless operations.
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