2019 NBA Free Agency – The Big Bets to Follow

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The long awaited 2019 NBA free-agency is here. Contracts expire, players seek new homes, teams assess their rosters, and everyone has their eyes out for the best deals. After a day, word has already gotten out on who could be going to which teams. And we’ve compiled a list of the biggest deals currently on the table.

Nets — Durant, Irving, Jordan

The Brooklyn Nets seem to be having their way during the first day of the free-agency. They feel confident that their talks with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will be successful. Two-time Finals MVP Durant, and Irving are two of the most highly sought-after names in the free-agency showdown. Hailing from Golden State Warriors, and Boston Celtics, respectively, these are the two you want to keep an eye on. Although there aren’t any details on either deal yet, it’s almost certain both will be taking their skills to Brooklyn. What is clearer, is the Nets’ deal to land New York Knicks DeAndre Jordan for $40 million over four years.

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