After a much needed 3-year vacation (for research, more advance studies, observe, ocular, teach, coach, mentor and all the REST and RECOVERY), I'm ready, we’re all ready for 2014 and beyond! I am a 28-year training specialist and now a certified career coach. My core interest is in PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT.




BIKER-X honors God by being compassionate! It was born out of the desire to help the commuters navigate through the worsening traffic in the metropolis, although of course, We have visions of replicating the technology elsewhere in the country, and even worldwide. It banks on the idea of utilizing biker clubs and private individuals to maximize the potentials of underutilized motorcycles, and to effectively deal with the road space problems. Motorcycles are a fun way to travel, and with the 24/7 GPS tracking system that monitors speed, location, and distance, it can be a safer and more efficient way to commute, too. In addition to requests for rides, "hatid-sundo" deals, and motorcade participations, Biker-X has the capacity to deliver packages in the shortest period of time.




In The Bridal Industry, If You Have To Explain A Photograph Then It Isn’t Good Enough. More Than The Flowers And The Cake, Weddings Are Made Up Of Moments. Moments Of Glee. Moments Of Nostalgia. Moments Of Transitioning From Single To Married. And What Makes A Moment?




To provide Filipinos with great tasting food through expansion in the different parts of the Philippines.




Gobo Creative is a full service advertising, design and thinking agency dedicated to producing big results for our clients by being as real as we can with ourselves, with our partners and with consumers.




Education founded on a love and respect of the Supreme Being superimposes on the learner the values that predicate academic excellence. In our pursuit for excellence, our entire school community dedicates itself to God, country, and the Filipino people.




It is as though fate always had this career path planned for JB de Leon. He fell in love with the art of photography by chance. And after dabbling in different careers, from directing to being a comedienne, he finally found his true calling as a fashion photographer.




I am a junior property specialist for Megaworld, as a property specialist my goal is to provide you with a list of properties that has been considered a good investment nowadays. Here in my website I will try as much to give you vital premiers of each megaworld property that is out of the market. You will also be able to get in touch with me on the fly by chatting online with me through the chat box provided here in the website.




Klir Waterpark Resort is the latest Waterpark Resort located in Kabilang Bakood, Guiguinto Bulacan. Just a 30 minute drive from Manila. You and your family can enjoy the latest technology of wave pool with the best ambiance and amenities a resort can offer.




Locavore Kitchen x Drinks is named after an actual term that describes a diner who consciously eats food that is grow-fluidn, raised, or produced locally. Food for locavores should not have traveled too long a distance, and this is why 'farm to table' and 'sustainable' are also intertwined with this word. Consuming local also means supporting local, which is a great aspect of this type of lifestyle.




At 21 Meg Imperial, like most women have gotten compared to actresses before her. So after over a decade in showbiz Meg has worked hard for an identity all her own. The project that launched her was the sexy film “Menor de Edad.” Directed by Joel Lamangan, this gutsy film got the attention of critics and tested her acting prow-fluidess. Meg was so dedicated to her role she even became an FHM magazine cover girl beforehand to prep her while building her confidence in her own sex appeal.


MVR Realty


MVR has covered numerous functions in the Real Estate Industry but the company's heart was captured by Industrial and Commercial Leasing/Sale. It aims to nurture the Lessor/Lessee, Owner/Buyer relationship, ensuring a win-win situation at all times.




Needs Amusement Park (NAPCOR) formally opened to the public on December 8,2000. This is the first recreational, amusement and swimming pool facility in the town of Lubao,situated right along the highway.




Makeup has been my passion for over 8 years and due to this passion I started to learn make up and hair styling from some of the best Makeup Artist in the Philippines. I believe that make up not only enhances beauty but also enhances.




A woman of substance and independent means best describes the founder of TECERUMA, Maria Teresa Docabo Herbst, better known as Tess to her circle of friends. She conceived of this spa and salon project long before she immigrated to the United States to join her husband, John F. Herbst. John is now retired but used to run an international machinery manufacturing business which has customers and partners all over the world.




Welcome to the UNLIFORYOU community! You have in your hands the key to unlimited earning opportunities. Never has there been a more exciting time to be an entrepreneur with the raise of the eCommerce industry and the various technological advancements on the Internet, more and more people go online to conduct everything from personal conversations to banking activities and to business transactions.




Marvill resort is the pride and joy established by Atty. Marlito and Marisa Villanueva, as a private getaway for their family and friends. In 2005, the Villanueva family shares the wonders of their forest and dive getaway for an exclusive bookings.


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